Erectile dysfunction is common nowadays. Now being so common that all age group man are facing the erectile dysfunction this is also known as impotence. If a man is not able to get erection or ejaculation is happen without a man wish during intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction. However particular disorder can be cured if you take little care of few things.

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Before knowing the treatment of the disorder lets know the reason why it caused. So, it can be due to multiple reasons. Some are listed below:

Lifestyle: sometimes due to use of drug, excess alcohol and smoking may cause erectile dysfunction.

Overweight: A person normally doesn’t care about there weight end with a result many kinds of diseases. One of them is erectile dysfunction.

Disease like high Blood pressure kidney diseases, cancer: Such kind of diseases can have damaged your tissue and nerves which result in erectile dysfunction

Medical condition: sometimes side effects are seen when you are having medicine for any diseases. In this case, consult a doctor.

Relationship stress: A person if having any kind of relationship stress or relationship problem may get the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

So now when you understood about the symptoms of erectile dysfunction you should know erectile dysfunction is curable and in the market, many kinds of treatments are provided to control and overcome from erectile dysfunction so that you can enjoy the better sex life. Once you get the erectile dysfunction symptoms consult to a doctor they will suggest you certain test. This way they will come to know what and how much problem has been affected to you.

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Some of the basic home remedies to control erectile dysfunction are:

Relationship stress: So, where a man is getting an issue of erectile dysfunction due to relationship stress. Need to talk to each other about the problem and stress they are facing. If it is avoided for long period of time a man will get the permanent disorder. Before a man gets the problem or erectile dysfunction more sever talk to one another and make the things fixed.

Reduced weight: If a man tries to do little bit of gaming, exercise or any kind of yoga or just a running and walking it can help a man to reduced weight which not only makes you slim but helps you to look good, more confident and make you fit to keep many diseases away from you.

Lifestyle: So, the person who is getting the problem of erectile dysfunction may need to stop smoking and taking alcohol or using any kind of dangerous drugs. As this, not only a cause for erectile dysfunction but also give many kinds of diseases. So, if a man is addicted to all these things too much first you need to stop all these you will see the betterment in your performance than before.

Some other treatment which a doctor advice is:

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Penile implant when a doctor feel all the treatment fails then go for a surgery named as penile implantation.

Vacuum devices: In the market, you will find many kinds of vacuum devices it helps a man to increases the blood flow to the penis.

Enhancement pills: In the market, you will find many kinds of Male Enhancement Pills and they are made with natural herbal ingredients which not only help in getting better performance also gives you stamina. And it is chemically tested and proved there are no side effects.

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